Adrift in Altamont

Bookstore Suspended I will watch her go.  Her phone in one ear, her finger in the other.  My eyeballs bobbing above the bookshelf.  A copy of Benjamin’s Illuminations in my hands.  I will watch her go.   And when I try to remember how it happened—minutes from now, a month,

Place Minus Motion

“The straight line (road, frontier, grid, linear history and narrative, monologue) is disrupted by the trope of crossing (dialogue, diaspora, rhizome, the fold).” —Neil Campbell, The Rhizomatic West 9/8/20 8:53 am MDT Wind Speed E 15 G 25 mph Barometer 30.29 in (1025.8 mb) Dewpoint 18°F (-8°C) Visibility 0.75 mi

Entheos, Genesthai

Tucked away in the La Latina neighborhood of Madrid, a small restaurant serves only mushrooms, served in a multiplicity of ways. Late one winter evening, my husband and I, married less than a year then, hovered outside the door, waiting for one of the few tables to empty, for our


“She was unbearable and at war with the world.” – “Prince Charming” by Renée Vivien   It does start off with a bang, if bang means sex, specifically sex without love. I am used to my body being used for my partner’s personal pleasure. I am used to the way

Divine Insomnia

Sometimes, late at night, when my body is restless, I leave my dorm building in the dark to go for a walk. I try not to walk far. When I have manic days that end in my eyes carving designs into the ceiling as my fingernails draw blood from my

Ducks for Ducks

We wanted fish to bite our hooks. Only the fish. We did not want mammals, amphibians, marsupials, reptiles, or poultry of any sort to latch onto our fishing lines. If you had asked us why, we might have said, ‘Well, that’s why it’s called fishing.’ and we would have been

This Haunted House

I am like a small creature swallowed whole by a monster, she thought, and the monster feels my tiny little movements inside.  – Shirley Jackson, The Haunting of Hill House    I do not feel safe in my own home. Not for any really valid or sensible reason. I mean,

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