If Memory Serves

by Drew Mindell     Cast of Characters     PENELOPE LANE: She became sixteen too quickly, and then never quite stopped being sixteen.   HUNTER: The villain, the prince, or something in between.   LANA: PENELOPE’s live-in girlfriend. Place   In and around Penelope Lane.   Time   Now

Bones Under the Magnolia Tree

  by Maya Gelting     A five minute play Cast of Characters  MINA:                  Nineteen.    JEREMY:                Late forties.  Setting:           A graveyard behind a small, southern church. Gravestones litter the ground, from brand new to

Blood and Blackberries

  by H. Wagner     CHARACTERS   CHILD: Innocent and intelligent. Young. If you tell the audience the Brothers Grimm had written her, they shouldn’t be too surprised.    WOMAN: Believes she is innocent and intelligent. Older. Somewhere between a 1950s oven advertisement, your mother in law, and the

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